No space for your gym?

We have solved the problem for you.


225 €

This gym fits on your shoulders.

In cooperation with Deuter, we focus on the highest quality in production. EXOPEK redefines training with resistance bands. Mobile, versatile, individual, and easy to integrate into your daily training routine. Due to the secure fixation, resistance bands unfold their full effect and no longer have to be attached somehow and somewhere. With the purchase of EXOPEK you decide on the future of functional equipment training.

Every movement becomes a workout.
Are you ready to get fit?

Training with fitness bands has never been more efficient.

Less dependencies. More time for training.

Small backpack

that much POWER.

EXOPEK adapts to your workout.

Cardio. Strength. Muscle building.

Training bands in different strengths. Up to 272kg training weight.

A small power pack you can take with you everywhere.

No matter where. No matter when. Powerboost your workout to the next level. A holistic training with resistance bands leaves nothing to be desired. Everything you love about your workout. More than you can imagine up to this point.

Training plans - the basis for your success.

Our workouts are created by sports scientists and experienced trainers. Specially designed for training with EXOPEK.

Your workout. Your rhythm. Your flow.

Be wholly independent and decide for yourself when to train with your EXOPEK. Enjoy the freedom and adapt your training sessions to your everyday life.

Success for everyone.

It doesn't matter if you've been exercising for years or are just starting. No matter what your goals are. Train for your overall fitness or a specific sport.

Uncompromising quality in all components.

Professional carrying system.

Up to 10 wrapped training bands in different strengths.

Innovative, high-quality module with a lightning-fast exchange mechanism.

Comfortable cuffs and handles.

It feels like a part of you.
This backpack is a gamechanger for your workout.

AIRCOMFORT-carrying system

This durable elastic spring steel frame forms the basis of the shatterproof mesh back system. Maximum ventilation through Deuter's patented 3-sided ventilation and thus optimized ventilation space. Up to 25% less sweating. Less circulatory stress - more endurance. The renowned Hohenstein Institute scientifically tests it.

Easy to use. Hard to beat.

Put on. Try out. Never ever give it away.

Padded shoulder straps.

The shoulder straps makre sure that you will enjoy an optimal wear comfort while working out. Perfect load distribution - no matter how action packed your workouts are.

Adjustable chest strap.

A smooth adjustable chest strap fixes the EXOPEK on your shoulders. Tight fit - no matter how challenging your workouts are.

Ergonomic hip fin.

Extra light and and snug hip fins. Optimal tailpred for a balanced load distribution - no matter how complex your workouts are.


In a few seconds, you are ready to go.

Innovative module. Wrapped resistance bands. Comfortable cuffs.


225 €

You & Your EXOPEK
Everything you need for your workout.

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Whichever model you choose.
You decide for athletic success.

EXOPEK Starter

Enter the world of EXOPEK.
More muscle growth.


225 €

Sportgerät und Fitnessgerät mit Widerstandsbändern


Enjoy all benefits out of the EXOPEK world.
Highes variations.


295 €


295 €

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Widerstandsbänder in verschiedenen Stärken

Erhältlich sind die Widerstandsbänder in sieben verschiedenen Stärken. von 2,3kg - 27,2kg pro Band. Letztendlich kannst Du Dir Dein EXOPEK absolut individuell zusammenstellen und Widerstandsbänder jederzeit einzeln nachkaufen und an Deine Trainingserfolge anpassen. Die hochwertige Ummantelung schützt das langlebige Gummi-Gemisch zusätzlich vor einer Beschädigung durch äußere Einwirkungen.

so individuell wie dein workout

Plug'n Gain in seconds

Das Herzstück Deines EXOPEK

Im Modul kannst Du Deine Widerstandsbänder in sekundenschnelle wechseln, neu kombinieren und an Deine Trainingsziele anpassen. Dank des intuitiven Plug’n Gain Mechanismus ist das Wechseln mit wenigen Handgriffen möglich. Das Modul wächst mit Dir und Deinem Fortschritt. Sobald Du stärker wirst, nimmst Du einfach stärkere Widerstände. Klingt easy und smart? Ist easy und smart. Das Modul besteht aus einem, extra für EXOPEK zusammengestellten, ABS-Material. Das spezielle Kunststoffgemisch wurde speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von EXOPEK angepasst. Bruchsicher. Hitzebeständig. Langlebig.

Free your movement

Absolute Bewegungsfreiheit

Komplette Bewegungsfreiheit für komplexe Bewegungsformen oder doch mehr Kontrolle für schwere Übungen? Entscheide selbst was besser in Deinen Flow passt Dank der ergonomischen Manschetten, die Du an Deinen Armen und Beinen befestigst, genießt du komplette Bewegungsfreiheit. Die speziellen Griffe bieten bis zu drei verschiedene Punkte zur Fixierung der Widerstandsbänder. So hast DU eine ideale Kontrolle bei Übungen wie Bankdrücken, Ruderzug, Schulterpresse, und vielem mehr.